Inside the Ciarra Claire Studio: Calligraphy Tools & Tips

It can be hard to know what materials to use when you are starting out. And you can waste a good deal of money with trial and error. I’ve been there! The most common questions I receive on Instagram are related to what nibs I use and where to start with calligraphy. In this post, I’m going to give you more than that. Read on to learn about my go-to recommendations for new calligraphers and tools that can help you as you begin working as a professional! I’ve also included a few personal favorites.

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Wedding stationery details that are worth the splurge

Not every investment is created equal and many brides do not have an unlimited budget for wedding invitations and stationery. That’s why I am sharing the best splurges to keep in mind when investing in your wedding stationery. After years of working on weddings all over the world, I’ve found several details that consistently receive rave reviews from my clients’ guests. There are also a few details that may not have the same kind of shock and aw factor, but I believe are still worth every penny!

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How to Build Anticipation for a Destination Wedding

Firstly, I would like to say that my calligraphy and stationery studio is located in gorgeous Petoskey, Michigan. I have the pleasure of working with couples and planners on weddings all over the globe, but about half of the weddings I design for are located in Northern Michigan. Of all of the weddings I work on, I would say that 99% of them are considered destination weddings. Often times, the parents of the bride, groom, or both own homes in the area and it has been a very special place for them over the years. That’s why they are SO excited to share it with their family and friends who have never visited the area.

Unlike destination weddings abroad, weddings in Northern Michigan, or stateside, are a bit easier for guests to travel to. Guests are also likely to take extra time off to enjoy their travel, so you want them to make the most of it, and of course, have an amazing time at your wedding!

So, how can you get your guests excited for all you have in store for them? Here are four tips!

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