Wedding stationery details that are worth the splurge

Photo by:  Natalie Probst

Photo by: Natalie Probst

Not every investment is created equal and many brides do not have an unlimited budget for wedding invitations and stationery. That’s why I am sharing the best splurges to keep in mind when investing in your wedding stationery. After years of working on weddings all over the world, I’ve found several details that consistently receive rave reviews from my clients’ guests. There are also a few details that may not have the same kind of shock and aw factor, but I believe are still worth every penny!

Photo by  Cory Weber

Photo by Cory Weber

Working with a Calligrapher or Designer

Here’s the deal. Working with a designer or calligrapher will cost more than purchasing invitations through a large online company such as Minted. As it should. Your local cheese monger cannot compete with Kraft on pricing. However, they can offer you free cheese samples and suggest something you will absolutely love. The price difference accounts for the notable difference in both the experience and the quality. The same is true with calligraphers and designers. Even if you are purchasing from a semi-custom collection, you will likely deal directly with an experienced designer. They are there to answer your questions and curate unique details for you. One-on-one access to a designer can save you headaches and loads of time. If your budget allows, and you have the option of working with a calligrapher or designer, you will not regret it.

Photo by  Natalie Probst

Wax Seals

If you follow me on Instagram or ever take a look at my website, you know how much I love wax seals. And guess what? So do your guests. Think about it … how often do you get special mail? Wax seals are a simple way to call attention to your big day and show your guests that it is truly special! If you choose to have a designer create a custom wax seal for your stationery, it can be an heirloom for you as well. You can reuse the unique design on your thank you notes and keep it forever as a token of your unique love story. Wax seals are one of the few wedding investments you will still be able to use after the wedding day is long gone.

Photo by  Cory Weber

Photo by Cory Weber

Outsourcing Assembly and Mailing

Many calligraphers and designers will offer to stuff, seal, and stamp your invitations for you. Some will even take them to the post office. If this is a service that is available, by all means, do it. I have found that many brides or mothers of the bride think assembly will be fun. In reality, it can take several hours, even days depending on the complexity. If you have wax seals, ribbon, vintage stamps, and so forth, it may be worth having your designer or calligrapher take care of this for you. Preparation time is not the only concern. I would also be wary of unexpected prices. If your calligrapher or designer sends all of the printed pieces to assemble yourself, they will need to insure it for the full value and you will have to sign for it. This can create some pretty expensive shipping costs. Lastly, the thing no designer, bride, or planner wants to think about … the thing my nightmares are made of. What if, heaven forbid, anything should happen to that package of pretty paper? If it should be lost or damaged, you may need to reprint everything. There may or may not be time for this. However, if your stationer takes everything straight to the post office, you have zero risk of this happening. I don’t mean to scare you, but this is just something to consider.

Photo by  Natalie Probst

Letterpress and Foil Printing

Although guests notice these beautiful details, this printing option is a personal preference. Luxe cotton paper with a pillowy letterpress impression or shiny foil truly make a difference. It provides a tactile experience that makes guests stop to really take it in and appreciate the details. If you have a limited budget, you don’t need to go all out. Perhaps you can splurge on the invitation card, or another detail, and choose digital printing for the rest. Get creative. There’s no need to feel locked in to an all-or-nothing approach.

Photo by  K. R. Moreno

Calligraphy Place Cards

In all honesty, calligraphy is a luxury in the wedding industry. Not everyone can afford to hire a calligrapher. I know that, and it’s totally ok! We offer printed place cards and escort cards with our Semi-Custom Collection Invitations for this very reason. However, if you’d like to splurge on calligraphy place cards or escort cards for your guests, I’ve found that guests love seeing their own names written out. It makes them feel special and well cared for, and they will often keep these details from your wedding. To me, that is a worthwhile investment.

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