Ciarra Claire Fine Art

I believe in creating storied stationery for the hopeless romantic, the mildly nostalgic and the oh so in love.
— Ciarra Claire


Perhaps it is because I was raised in a big Victorian house built in 1890, or perhaps it is because I fell in love with the smell of my great grandfather's books at a young age. Regardless of the reason, I am fascinated by all things old, tattered and well worn. I am of the opinion that there are some things that should be done the old fashioned way, and that there is so much beauty in the stories that history has left untold.  Therefore, it's no surprise I love vintage illustrations and wax seals. If you want a collage of vintage stamps and custom invitations that would make Jane Austen jealous, stop reading this and go straight to the inquiry form!


There are few places where I feel more at peace than in the great outdoors. When I was a child I would climb a tree as high as I could, and just sing my little heart out, making up the words as I went along. I am constantly inspired by my natural surroundings and feel so grateful to live in beautiful Northern Michigan. I love earthy colors and imperfect textures, so naturally I have an affinity for gorgeously deckled handmade paper and naturally dyed silks. Anytime I can incorporate botanical illustrations or floral patterns with my designs, I am one happy Artist! 


You know that feeling, when you hold something in your hands, and you can just feel how special it is? Whether it's the the weight, the texture, or the details, there are some things that are just begging to be touched and to be treasured. I want all of my clients, their guests, and my customers to have that experience. That is why I source the best materials I can find, to combine them with luxury printing techniques and thoughtful design. Because average is not good enough, I want to create an expirence, I want to create something extrordinary. 

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